Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Can you eat out and be healthy??

The simple answer to this is yes.  It is all about making better and wiser choices (plus having the meal out with someone who understands your journey, there is nothing worse than peer pressure to eat a Banoffi Pie -  true story!).

If you're leading a healthy lifestyle there is nothing worse than temptations especially if you're someone who can easily cave in to it.  Here are a few helpful tips.

If you're going out for a meal, plan ahead.  Agree a restaurant which has healthier options on the menu. You can even pick the meal before you step foot in the restaurant.  This way you won't be looking at everything on the menu.  Don't put temptation under your nose!!

Avoid the bread basket
I, like the next person loves a chunk of bread with balsamic and olive oil.  However most restaurants give you white bread option.  Go for olives instead as they contain healthy fats. Plus you'll be saving yourself from the bread basket bloat.

These days I'm all about the water. I rarely have soda/pop/fizzy (whatever you call them) drinks at all.  However with a meal I may have the occasional glass of white wine.  If you're going down this road have water too as it's all about balance.  Plus water fills you up so you may not be a hungry.

So your dying for a steak but the only options on the menu is they serve it with chips and covered in sauce.  Ask your waiter if you can swap items over or have the sauce on the side.  Restaurants are quite acommendating these days and are more than happy to chop and change chips or French fries for let's say a jacket or boiled potatoes.  If you don't ask, you don't get!

If you're dying for a side dish of chips then have them but perhaps share them with who you are with.  You won't feel like you have to eat them all if you're sharing with a friend.

Two Out Of Three
When you're at a restaurant there is normally the traditional of starters, mains, dessert. Well my friend just have two... either starters and no dessert or indulge in dessert but skip the starters.  Less is more.

Hope this helps and inspires.


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