Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tip Tuesday: Grab a Sharpie!

When you join Slimming World (or even Weight Watchers to a point) you will be introduced to the syn world. The treats, the naughty stuff, the not so naughty foods but still contain a sin value.

Being clued up about what syns are in your cupboards is the key to success I think.  One tip you might like to use is the Sharpie trick. It probably helps to not buy the naughty stuff at all, but if you have children or a partner would isn't on Slimming World then you will come into contact with these syns.  Plus having some goodies in your house is not necessarily a terrible thing.

The trick is when you first get home from the supermarket grab a marker pen / Sharpie and using the app or computer find out the syns for everything. No guessing let's be honest people. Write it on the packaging somewhere visible and when you feel like dipping in to those Oeros because you are caving the sweet stuff ... you'll instantly know the value of the item.  And it may even put you off eating it all together.  

Hope this helps!


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