Sunday, 16 August 2015

Weekend Breakfasts

I love the weekend.  Mostly because those two precious days are my days of rest plus I don't have to rush breakfast time.  Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day, I really enjoying creating a yummy dish.  During the week it can be far too busy to give it much thought, I still am healthy but I cannot really sit down to enjoy it.

This weekend I have documented my meals to share.  Perhaps I can inspire someone to recreate??  I hope so.

Here goes. 

... pancakes were on the menu - the healthy version however (I'll pop receipe up soon).  I have not had these for ages so I grabbed two eggs and one banana - added a little cinnamon and nutmeg to season it.  I gave them all a good mashing and ta-dah healthy pancakes are born!! I managed to squeeze out four servings (which I ate all of -yum yum). Strawberries on the side and there you go.... food heaven.  I also had a smoothie which was ice cubes, blueberries, apple and pineapple plus extra water.  You can never have enough H2O!!!

... was eggs again but however I added red onion and spinach.  I fried half a red onion in coconut oil to soften them and the added frozen spinach to cook (which took forever as it was frozen like a rock!!). Once cooked through, I broke two eggs and stirred with my wooden spoon... Added some Himalayan pink salt to season then I served it up with half an avocado.  This was sooooo yummy, I know I cooked it but it was lush!  My smoothie was 80mls of coconut water, one banana and some frozen red berries. I also added ice and water.  Fluids fluids fluids!

What do you love to eat for breakkie???!


Where can you find me??


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