Sunday, 2 August 2015

Breakfast in bed

Today was a breakfast in bed kind of day.  A beautiful Sunday day plus I was feeling slightly under the weather! Due to the later, my super-duper hubby took pity on me and whipped up a delicious breakfast in bed and this is what I got. 

Egg on a bed of peppers, tomato, cubed feta and avocado. 


I thought my hubby's creation was blog post /picture worthy (don't tell him or he'll get a big head) as it was quite yummy and also extremely healthy.  I'm really into my eggs at the moment, as I find the feel me up and I do not tend to pick between meals.  I totally recommend this meal as it was lovely.

All he did was poach an egg in a pan and while that was cooking - he soften some orange pepper and tomatoes on the hob.  He then scooped out half an avocado, grabbed some herbs and a small amount of cubed feta cheese to serve with it.

Pretty simple and very tasty.  What did you eat today??


Where can you find me??


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