Thursday, 30 July 2015

Food Temptations

It was someone's last day at my company yesterday and as a goodbye she brought in massive cakes (yes two of them!!!!)  Oh man!!  I was surrounded by mouths munching on these all day yesterday.

It was hard!

However I made it and didn't succumb to temptation by having a giant slab of sugar disguised as a red velvet cake.  I know from personal experience it can be very difficult to avoid temptation when they, aka naughty treats are literally put under your nose. What I usually do which sounds very weird is I sniff the food.  Doughnuts, cakes, chocolate, biscuits whatever is, I'll take a deep breath through my nose...I take in the smell of it and that's enough for me.  Strange I know, but there is no calories in sniffing, only when you eat it! True story.  I'm quite lucky to have a strong will power but I know others can are some of my tips for you to avoid temptation.

The bigger picture
There is a very good saying... A moment on the lips, a life time on the hips.  Just guesstimating, but I think you'll need to do approximately 500+ burpees to burn that slice of cake off.  You fancy doing that really? No?  Then put the spoon down my friend!  If you eat it then remember have to burn it off!  Keep in mind the bigger picture, don't let one piece of cake ruin it for you... If you eat it you might cave and want more bad things!

Do you really want it?
Just because it's there does not mean you have to grab a fork and start digging in.  If it was not there, would you rush out to the shops to buy something similar?? If the answer is no, then you don't really need it do you.  Just walk away. Yep just keep walking.

Visual trick
I like this trick where I visually change what the naughty food looks like.  Instead of seeing cake for example, in my mind I just see a big bowl of sugar with a spoon.  Seem very advertising now?  Not really hey.  No one would eat sugar with a spoon on its own would they??  Technically that's what cake is.... Just think about it.

And finally

Have some...
...but have a very very small portion.  If you cannot keep the craving at bay or you've been healthy eating for a while then have a small piece (and I mean SMALL!!). If you've gone without sugar for a long time, it'll be out of your system.  You might only be able to manage a small amount of cake, as you'll find the sugar in it too sweet and your stomach has reduced in size meaning you'll fill up faster.  Afterwards you might think why did I bother?!

If  you had some did you enjoy it?  Was it really nourishing food?  Naughty treats never are.

I hope these tips help someone. Do you have any tips??


Where can you find me??


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