Saturday, 25 July 2015

Tomato Butter Beans with Courgette Ribbons

The other night I posted this picture on my Instagram account (link below).  It was one of those evenings where I was home alone and didn't really feel like I had a fridge bursting full of inspiration. Happens to us all right?

I didn't want to spend money on ingredients and just wanted to use what I already had.  I grabbed everything I had in the fridge and kitchen cupboards and came up with this:  Tomato Butter Beans with Courgette Ribbons.

What you see before you is

Plum tomatoes
Red onion
Fresh basil leaves
Aubergine(or eggplant)
Courgette (or zucchini)
Butter beans
Seasoning of garlic and pink Himalayan sea salt.

In my pan I threw in coconut oil and cooked my red onion.  Once soften I poured in passatta, chopped basil and aubergine, garlic and my plum tomatoes. I let this simmer away to thicken and reduce.

In another frying pan I added a small amount of water which I brought to the boil, I popped in my ribbons of courgette and let the steam cook until soft.

Stir your tomato mixture and add the butter beans to cook for a few minutes.  Then when soft drain and add the courgette ribbons. You could just pour the tomato mixture on top of the ribbons when serving however I wanted the sauce all over my ribbons.

That was it. A healthy bowl of yummy goodness. Vegan and vegetarian friendly too!!  Try it out!  This is also a Slimming World Healthy recipe.


Where can you find me??


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