Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bring Your Own....

... lunch!!!

We're having a little competition in work to see who can lose the most weight by September 1st.  There are four of us and we have all set ourselves goals of what we wish to shred.  My goal is 14lbs, however I technically started my healthy life style two days before and I'd already lost 2lbs.  So it was agreed my goal is 12lbs for fairness.  We all throw £10 in to the kitty and the winner gets it.  I personally don't care about the extra cash, but I DO care about loosing my spare tyre around my waistline!!!!

Afterwards we were all having a group discussion where most of my competitors admitted they usually munch on a wrap or sandwich from the likes of Pret or Eat.  Nothing wrong with that, however not the best option.  I always take to work my own lunches, either prepped the night before or that morning.  I much prefer this... Why?  Because I'll know what I'm shoving in my mouth.  It's very easy to run to the shops to buy a 'healthy' sandwich but are they really?

I generally have a salad which makes my work mates groan, however I usually eat more than just a lettuce leaf.   You cannot really tell from the picture as it's hiding underneath - but there is a whole chicken breast, feta cheese and sunflower seeds in there too!  Yes I have rocket and spinach with tomato, cucumber and radishes in there, but I always love to build my salads up so they fill me up.  And they do!!!  

These are my go to during the week whilst I'm at work.  I know what I'm eating - which is good, plus you can get a weeks worth of salad goodies whereas buying sandwiches etc from the high street can be costly.

For a week try to make your own lunches.  Experiment on ingredients, salads don't have to be boring - get creative!! See how you get on and also how much you save.


Where can you find me??


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