Friday, 21 August 2015

Alexa Jean Fitness

Well hello, last night I spent an hour in my back garden torturing myself.  I was determined to spend at least one hour doing exercise, so I whipped out my three new fitness programmes.  Oh my poor little body was crying afterwards.

For quite a while I have followed Alexa Jean Fitness on Instagram and longed to have a body remotely close to hers.  Oh please god!  Considering she's had a child too it makes me even more envious.

Alexa sells three e-books which targets different areas of the body.  If you check her out on Instagram you'll see what kind of moves her programmes entail.  This week I bought a bundle set containing all three of her 30 day exercise programmes.  There is Sore To The Core for abs, Butt and Leg which obviously is for your bottom and legs and finally the Upper Body Challenge.  You can buy all three for $25.00 (approximately £15.00 for us Brits). I think this is a fair price for three e-books when each contains 4 weeks of exercise routines.  Everything is written out for you and is very easy to follow with photographs with reps and times.  You can buy each of them separate for $10.00 if you wish.

If you need support or wish to show your progress pictures there is a hashtag system on Instagram.  Lots if ladies show their success stories with before and after pictures.  I'm determined to do this and I cannot wait. Bring it on!

Fancy trying out Alexa's fitness programmes??


Where can you find me??

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